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WWDC Accessibility Sessions

I’ve tried to put together all the WWDC Accessibility sessions I could find. If I’m missing any please let me know.

WWDC 2021

SwiftUI Accessibility: Beyond the basics

The practice of inclusive design

The process of inclusive design

Accessibility by design: An Apple Watch for everyone

Tailor the VoiceOver experience in your data-rich apps

Developer spotlight: Accessibility

Bring accessibility to charts in your app

Create accessible experiences for watchOS

Build interfaces with style

What’s new in SF Symbols

Support Full Keyboard Access in your iOS app

Design for Safari 15

WWDC 2020

Make your App Visually Accessible

Create a seamless speech experience in your apps

Accessibility design for Mac Catalyst

VoiceOver efficiency with custom rotors

App accessibility for Switch Control

WWDC 2019

Accessibility Inspector

Accessibility in SwiftUI

Creating an Accessible Reading Experience

Visual Design and Accessibility

Writing Great Accessibility Labels

Making Apps More Accessible With Custom Actions

Large Content Viewer – Ensuring Readability for Everyone 

WWDC 2018

Deliver an Exceptional Accessibility Experience

VoiceOver: App Testing Beyond The Visuals

Accessibility Drag and Drop

AVSpeechSynthesizer: Making iOS Talk

WWDC 2017

What’s new in Accessibility

Convenience for You is Independence for Me

Media and Gaming Accessibility

Design for Everyone

Building Apps with Dynamic Type

WWDC 2016

Disability and Innovation: The Universal Benefits of Accessible Design

What’s New in Accessibility

Auditing Your Apps for Accessibility

WWDC 2013

Preparing and Presenting Media for Accessibility

WWDC 2012

Improving Accessibility in Books

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