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About me

Aaron standing in front of a Apple sign at WWDC 2018
Aaron at WWDC 2018


Thanks for visiting my website.

If you’re reading this you’re wanting to know a little about me. Well here goes…

I’m a creator at heart, I’ve been developing for the past 9+ years using Xcode (remember the days when Interface Builder was a separate app!). 

I really love the process involved in taking an idea or a  sketch on a post-it note and creating software based on it. This concept of being able to create “something” from nothing really swept me off my feet and  made me fall in love with the Apple platform and ecosystem. 

Along my journey I’ve created many apps, from large businesses to small startups trying to find their feet. Some of the apps I’ve created can be found on my portfolio page, most of my work has been completed under my business, Bronron Apps.

Some of the technologies I’ve worked with include, UIAccessibility Protocol, Apple Pay in-app provisioning, iBeacons (bluetooth), Passbook (pass creation, update), Sketch app (for creating custom icons and UI wireframes), create custom UI shared frameworks for use across different apps. 

If you’d like to look at my places of employment or see more of the skills I have, head over to my LinkedIn profile.

When I’m not sitting behind a computer, I’m most likely out taking photos of jetties (don’t ask, it was a phase :P), beaches or the occasional night sky. You can see some of my latest work on Instagram or Flickr

If you need to get in contact with me send me an email aaron (at) azzoor (dot) com

Thanks for making it this far,


One more thing… my goal

My passion for creating software has opened my eyes a lot to what is wrong with the software industry. A personal goal I’ve set for myself is to help educate developers. Developers typically have a “it’s too hard” response when faced with the make your app accessible request. I want to help change this!

The old chestnut “with great power comes great responsibility”, well as software developers we’ve been given this power and by making apps more accessible and inclusive you’re putting your self on the right side of history 🙂